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The medical rescue helicopters first successful transfer of the patient
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30 at 9 am, with the loud roar,over 307 hospital came a white “little dragonfly”——our country dedicated medical rescue helicopter carrying a poisoning patients,from dongying,Shandong province to 307 hospital first aid.Patient after treatment of the intensive care unit was sent to poisoning,the patient conscious,the stable vital signs.

29 morning,the Beijing red cross 999 emergency center recived a phone call: a patient is in urgent need of a medical emergency air transport aircraft .Mr.Kong was 42 years old,on October 26 afternoon,his factory in dongying ,Shandong province, an industrial cleaning tank, the hydrogen arsenide poisoning, then appear blood in the urine, to dongying local hospital first aid. Due to the limited local medical conditions, family requirements will be transferred to the 307 hospital for further treatment.

999 emergency center deputy dean Tian Zhenbiao tells a reporter, dongying to Beijing, if the ambulance moving need five to six hours, met a traffic jam or fog of extreme weather such as a road, more time is bad, estimates that had previously had a long distance transport over ten hours to more than 20 hours cannot reach the precedent.

29 at about 15 pm, a helicopter carrying 999 emergency center air medical flight co-director for ling-shan kong off from qinghe 999 parking apron, to dongying. At 17, the helicopter landed in dongying city airport. After arrival, ling-shan kong immediately rushed to dongying, shandong province people's hospital to visit patients, and compared with dongying city people's hospital doctor handover. At 7:00 this morning, head of the helicopter carrying the patient and a family from shandong dongying airport, ling-shan kong protect patients in a helicopter, "lost along the way the two oxygen absorption, 300 ml of liquid."

The reporter understand, Civil aviation and related aspects such as the air force opened up a temporary specifically for the emergency medical evacuation routes.If follow existing routes flight,from dongyiing to Beijing about have 600 to 700 kilometers;and special approval medical rescue routes more than 400 kilometers.A helicopter in really flew at a height of 100 meters high, the highest barrier is the flight from the ground 100 meters high. Before 9, in 307 hospital waiting staff heard the sound of the front from the intercom: "in the Beijing!" "Fly over the fuxing gate!" On 9 o’clock, helicopter firmly landed at 307 in front of the hospital outpatient service building temporary airfield. Already waiting in the medical staff will be sent to the intensive care unit 307 poisoning treatment of hospital patients.

“What is your name?””How are you feeling the air?””Where is your hometown?” Into  the intensive care unit, 307 hospital experts to immediately start the treatment. Well please although mental patients, but the bed of the urine bag sauce color of urine or reminder that is a critically ill patients. Poisoning 307 hospital treatment of Roy chiu said 307 hospital in the past have repeatedly exploded hydrogen arsenide poisoning patients, treatment with rich experience. Please hydrogen belongs to high levels of arsenic poisoning from the past, severe hydrogen arsenide mortality rate at about 30%. Vital signs in patients with stable at present, but the liver, kidney damage is severe, low hemoglobin, jaundice is quite high. The next step of treatment will give priority to with medicine comprehensive treatment, protect viscera function.