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[Xinhua News]Planning and construction of 38 general aviation airport in Jiangsu
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Compared to earlier, this year’s  Aviation & Aerospace exhibition in Zhuhai attracts a lot of audience , purchase order and intention clients. According to CAAC , general aviation has a wide range of business scope which operate below 1000 meter. So far low airspace is not open, yet general aviation industry see a bloom.   

Small aircraft costs a hundred yuan 

How much is it? What about the pilot license ? any tax? you can hear a lot of such conversation. 

Mr. Ma haibing , and Mr. Zhang yuanxun from Aero AT aviation industrial Co.;Ltd got visitors who would like to go to see their production base on site. 

These days, many order come to small aircraft manufacturer. 

In fact , private aircaraft doesn’t cost too much. Except for high cost business jet, small aircraft with 2 or 3 seats coast from 1million RMB to 5 million RMB. Besides, private aircraft can have 95# gas as fuel to cut costs. The AT-3 exhibiting in the show is sold at 1,800,000 RMB, with 95# gas. The consumptions is 15 liter per hour while the cost of flying is only about 50USD/hour.  

In the future, there should be 50000 aircrafts. 

It is reported that low airspace will be open to the public at the end of this year. This is absolutely good news to general aviation company. 

Policy is important. More important is customer base enlarged. A small aircraft costs 1million RMB , the price equals to a car. Marketing manager of De’ao helicopter Company, Mr. Qiu guoping told us:”look at the development of motor industry, the first rich got to buy the car .it’s almost the same for the helicopter”

<>said in a report, there are 1000000 millionaires and 60000 billionaire in china One sixth of who have plan to purchase private jet. Bombardier Inc. predicted that from 2011 to 2020, the private jet delivered to China could reach to 960.