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[Global network]To get a Pilot License! China will open low airspace control.
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On 2rd Nov., Reuters reported as Original title: sincerely recruiting: 500 thousand pilots for aviation gold rush. CAAC estimate that about 500 thousand pilots are in need while there are only thousands of pilots in service. 

Since next year, private aircraft can fly below 1000 meter high without permission of military which aims to facilitate the infrastructure development. Commercial flight will not be affected. More than 200 new enterprises have applied air control certificate. Chinese rich desire to get their private aircraft lift-off. Training institute of CAAC fosters 100 pilots every year. 12 other Chinese flight school itched to have a try. Foreign institute are looking for offer new lessons at expanse of more or less 100 thousand US Dollars. 

Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Flight University of China Mr. Sun Fengwei said:“the first term of trainee we have enrolled are those people eager to get private flight license; Nowadays more and more young people wish to learn to fly aircraft to obtain a position in a general aviation company.” 

Industry executives estimate, by the end of this year, Beijing will release a detailed instruction about open lower airspace (below 1000 meter). It is expected to open airspace below 3000 meter in the future. Although this is a new industry with a lot of unknown, each company all think they could profit from it, while each student firmly believe to have the job they’ve dreaming. 28-year –old student Mr. Zongrui is one of them .Pilots get good paid. He told us “once get a job, I can recover tuition fee of 500 thousand RMB in 2 years”   

Global manufacturer for small aircraft pay close attention to booming general aviation market for so long time. And International aviation service provider also has great expectation. Mr. Peter Macankey from an Australian company said “I am looking for opportunity.”  

Though most of new student are getting flight license for a job, while for the rich, it is a door to a new luxury hobby. According to 33 year old advertiser Mr. Li zheng,

luxury car will not excite him . He put focus to aircraft of his own. 

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China will be pushing open low airspace forward. At the military press conference in Oct 2014, reporter raised a question “some aviation company illegally air shoot lead to negative influence. Some analysts believe that “both the military and the local government shall push the airspace reform, what do you think aboutit?”Mr. Yang Yujun replied:”illegal flightlike this happened a lot which  caused great impact and interference to flight safety. The air force keep a wary eye with disposal of such kind of circumstance. Our country has excellent flight safety system, and the army has power to maintain Beijing in good order. 

Regarding the question you raised about the low air space reform, recently ATC system make some experiment to increase the operation rate, simplify the approval process. Here I like to share with you that the air traffic control committee would held meeting about systematic arrangement of all the reform to expand the low airspace reform. As the reform deepening, general aviation industry shall be growing.