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[Daily Economic News]Low airspace opening up gradually
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Why is Low airspace opening reform not obvious? 

Since low airspace opening reform started 5 years ago, flight hour in general aviation industry increased by 2.84% and 2.48%. In 2013, total flight hour is estimated 600 thousand. According to GAMA, the total flight hour for USA is 24 million and 40 thousand, while increased by 1million hours each year. Chinese Representative of GAMA, Mr. Zhukai pointed out in the speech the first step is that the owner of helicopter can fly a lot.

At Chengdu International General Aviation Forum, 3 factors to hinder the development of general aviation are flight at low air space restricted, infrastructure delayed, talent missing. 

Deputy secretary-general of China Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics Mr.Zhou changchuan,said in an interview from《Daily Economic News》that if the opening up at full, the safety and security would be unbearable. Therefore the reform is not effective; we still need to adjust step by step. 

About corporate earnings, Mr. Zhou suggest “down to earth, be professional” looking for profit-making model based on local. Zhou added blind Capital investment could lead to cutting price. Enterprise would continue to cut costs to maintain profit. Talents could be missing, safety not be maintained, which does harm to general aviation industry. Safety is always the first.  

low airspace opening up ≠ low airspace released 

General aviation industry is not growing as we expected because of airspace control. Mr. Zhou stressed safety stress is greater than the traffic on the ground. Low airspace opening up does not equal to low airspace released. Inefficiency in Management could lead to potential safety hazard. Mr. Zhou gave an opinion that the slowly –growing general aviation industry is going to go through breeding,developing to perfection like other industry.  

GAMA statistics show that 140 thousand helicopters are used for “flying as a hobby”. Mr. Zhukai claimed every 99 family, there are one small aircraft. In USA, It costs 60000-80000USD to own a second-hand aircraft. Compared with Luxury car and yacht, more percentage of American family has small aircraft. 

Mr. Zhou indicated that general aviation culture means a lot to general aviation industry. It’s more important to give a try to fly or have an air tour than making money by establishing general aviation company.  

Avoid rushing in

It’s important to consider making profit. General Aviation Company shall consider what type of aircraft is suitable instead of purchasing big aircraft on a spur-of-the-moment decision.

For example, aircrafts made in Czekh for training is not the right type for ambulance. Local market shall also be considered. He added “Jiu Zhaigou city would be a good market for touring with aircraft, while Qinghai Province is perfect for mineral prospecting with helicopter. He concerned companies squeezed into the business jet, cutting price in fierce competition. In China, many general aviation parks are not for the career of general aviation instead of land Enclosure. This is a strategy for which general aviation industry is an industry with the feature of high investment, little production, long Production cycle However, we shall be aware that aviation industrialization, aviation level is so important to overall economy.